First Act launched in 2017 with a simple vision: create acting classes for young performers which actually developed skill, technique and talent; an acting school where theatre education is the primary goal.

Growing up, we dreamed of having a place like First Act.  Somewhere where we could learn, explore and (most importantly) improve. Drama classes were too often an addition to a singing and dancing programme, or only just brushed the surface of what theatre has to offer. We knew that if we wanted this training-focused setting, we'd have to create it for ourselves.


Since 2017, we've been creating and delivering high-quality training courses for a range of ages, exploring a huge variety of theatre and acting skills. In addition to this, we've built a dedicated, hard-working school of students, who always strive to achieve their best and demonstrate an unparalleled passion for the arts.

With our unique training programme, dedication to achieving the best, as well as the drive to provide the best learning opportunities for our students (including annual residential theatre study trips), First Act: Drama Tuition is so much more than acting classes: for many students, it's a home away from home.

Christopher 'Kit' Phillips

First Act: Principal

Admin, Accounts and Curriculum

2017 - Present

Daniel Richter

First Act: Lead Tutor

Teaching and Learning Lead

2017 - Present

Ceris Shadwell

First Act: Customer Liaison

Student Experience Lead

2019 - Present